Stage 1 level 10

[Post New]by NeedfulThings on Feb 23, 12 4:12 PM
What is the deal with " Darter has escaped" message I keep getting. I tried to catch him or her but just swim right thru him. Tried to keep up to to see where it leads me, but keep on loosing it. So I am at my wits end, don't no what to do with the DARTER thing! Anybody has any idea what I need to do?
Thanks for any info!

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Re:Stage 1 level 10

[Post New]by peutetre on Feb 26, 12 3:19 AM
You have to cross the finish line before Darter does. Once you figure out the route, just go from "pumpkin" to "pumpkin" to beat him. You should get there with plenty of time to just sit and wait for him.

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