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A STUPID 809 error I am annoyed

[Post New]by elebu on Feb 25, 12 9:07 PM
Use 2 HP Pavilion Ent Laptop circa 2010 and a newly built Gaming Desktop. Run WIN 7 64 bit. Laptops have 6GIG memory, Desktop 32GIG.
This game is hard to see on the laptops Installed, running fine. I checked options and selected FULL SCREEN which was already selected. Game shut down. Every time I try to run it I get Error 809. "Game is Running - log off first" . I did that ran again and got the same thing. No game, just a NAT GEO icon in the bottom tray and the 809 error. I ran Task MGR. and killed the game. Did a shutdown and tried again. Same problem. Uninstalled the game and re-installed it. Ran complete registry clean and file clean up. Performed a degrag. Did a RESTART and then ran the game. Same 809 error. Please help!

I am leary about ordering any more Big Fish Games for our PC's as much as we love them because this kind of error stuff is nuts and makes what is supposed to be an enjoyable experience a much loathed Microsoft system fix thing. Stablity in games is what it is all about. I plan to chat with Big Fish about game stability shortly.

DOES ANYONE HAVE A SIMPLE FIX FOR THIS PROBLEM? The so called experts in the forums give rather vague solutions. I need a real one. THANKS WHOEVER can help me.



Re:A STUPID 809 error I am annoyed

[Post New]by Regis238 on Jun 16, 12 8:37 PM
Its not just a PC thing... I have a Brand new MacBook Pro and I just bought a game on here against my better judgement and I receive the same message. It says "Play Now" and when i hit the button, it says "Thank you for playing" and "You own this game, play with no time limit" But I NEVER PLAYED!!! So annoying!! Whatever happened to programs that run on their own without the need for some stupid software (Big Fish Game Manager) to run it. I am going to pursue a refund, then I am deleting the program and never downloading a game again, strictly games from stores, disc based.

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