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Stage 3 , Level 8 Leviathan Reef Walkthrough

[Post New]by cheenz87 on Feb 26, 12 5:21 AM
1.Keep the fish that collects coin as your partner/helper , and follow the coin trail which leads you upwards .
2.When you enter the first chamber , there are hidden fish mines in the groups , you can see that they are in number 1 ,2 ,3 4 and the last red/pink one , start with the group that has only 1 round mine , revolve around it in such a fashion that you are able to touch the edges of that inactive mine .. once you start revolving the will see that coin have started appearing , you don't have to collect all as the coin collector fish will help you in that . Complete the same procedure to group with 2 mines and group with 3 mines , after that you will see a message of well done and you will approach to second chamber.
3. In the 2nd chamber , you will see various sized sea shells , dont bump into them , because those also contains the hidden mines , start with the smallest size sea shell and pass through its center , coins will start appearing as the previous case , proceed with the smaller to bigger size sea shells , and you will approach the next level.
4. In next level , you will be asked to recognize the pattern , choose the right answer and toads will be rewarded , if you want to collect all the coins inside those puzzle bubbles , start revolving around them to release the coins .

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