Help, I am stuck

[Post New]by jankles on Feb 26, 12 8:40 AM
I bought Heroes of Hellas 3 after trying the trial but got stuck on level 1 and a nice person helped me out but am too embarrsassed to ask again as this person has already finished the game a while ago and had to go back and replay to where I was. So is there anyone out there that can help me on level 2-1. I cannot get the middle out of the way in order to get over to the right side of the game. Got the left side but I just keep matching 3 and cannot do anything with the middle.

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Re:Help, I am stuck

[Post New]by cstdenis on Feb 26, 12 10:04 AM
Hi jankles. Don't be embarrassed to ask for help. We were all there at one time.
I think on that level, you have to use the heroes to destroy the coins on the right.
Either that, or you have to match some hermes wings to open up the closed off arrows.
Try out the different heroes to see if you can use them to make tiles go away on the right hand side.

Good Luck!

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