[Post New]by Suedahling on Feb 28, 12 9:13 PM
I made the biscuits and put them in the oven and now the game has just stopped? How do I get thr biscuits out of the oven so I can resume the game? they disappeared and the hint button is frozen, Help!



[Post New]by aislingyngaio on Feb 28, 12 9:31 PM
I think the game is just experiencing a temporary freeze. Try exiting the game then relaunching it to see if it helps.



[Post New]by flumble on Jan 2, 14 5:23 AM
Hi all,
I am really excited about this game. HOWEVER... I seem to have done things out of sequence and as a result am stuck.
1) The SIlver CE key that should be found under the mask in the tree house isn't there - I think because I coloured in the painting too soon.
2) I made the biscuits before the grandfather made the request and now I cannot gather the ingredients again.
Any ideas on this? Really don't want to re-start it. Have closed and reopended it too.
Many thanks and happy new year,

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