jigsaws galore error

[Post New]by rhonda114 on Feb 29, 12 12:01 PM
Unable to read C:\Documents and Settings\Rhonds\Application Data\Jigsaws Galore\Jigsaws\Ladakh.jss
which is not a valid jigsaw or perhaps has not been installed correctly.

this message pops up every time i play this. it allows me to play, but it pops up during a puzzle and to get rid of it, it deletes what has been done on that puzzle.

what can we do to correct this problem.


Re:jigsaws galore error

[Post New]by Jigsaws_Galore on Mar 1, 12 3:00 PM
It sounds like the saved game file is corrupted for some reason. Please go back to the opening screen, right-click the jigsaw thumbnail and select Start over. I'm afraid you will lose your progress so far. You can use some cheat functions to quickly get back to your approximate position.

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