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You CAN move buildings right across the map

[Post New]by ShazPG on Feb 29, 12 12:49 PM
I've seen a number of people comment that they wish they could move buildings to areas other than the one shown - as if the screen won't scroll after you pick up a building.

You CAN do this, and it's very easy.

Just grab a building to move, then click on the edge of the screen and drag your mouse in the direction you want it to scroll. The game is clever enough to know that you're moving the map, not placing a building, and it'll scroll the map for you, leaving the building attached to your mouse.

You can do this as many times as you need, until the right spot is in view, and then just click there to place the building.

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Re:You CAN move buildings right across the map

[Post New]by heidid on Mar 1, 12 9:19 PM
You can also scroll using the arrow keys while dragging a building.

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