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Favorite version of BAL? Monopoly version too?

[Post New]by My11Kids on Feb 29, 12 5:44 PM
What is everyone's favorite type of Build a Lot? I'm thinking of trying a new one.

Also, someone mentioned a Monopoly version but I'm having trouble getting it. Anyone know the website that still has it?



Re:Favorite version of BAL? Monopoly version too?

[Post New]by MissSeaGal452 on Oct 3, 14 4:14 PM
I haven't tried the monopoly version, honestly it looks pretty boring and I am a BIG fan of the BAL series.
I think my favorite so far has to be mysteries. I love that you can get so much back story for each character and I love the supernatural theme to it. I think that the elements of finding the objects and trying to figure out who or which supernatural creature each host is makes the gameplay a lot more interesting.

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