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This week's winner of Facebook Vote $2.99 (£2.30) - bargain!

[Post New]by JulieJay on Mar 1, 12 7:38 AM
Thoroughly enjoyed this Hidden Object Game. It is a straight HOG with a few puzzles thrown in (the same ones repeated). You do revisit scenes and sometimes you have to find the same items as previously but none of that ever bothers me in a game. I've played it right through on relaxed mode and I'm looking forward to replaying it in timed mode.

I'm really not sure what the reasoning is behind having to find all of the fingerprints as you don't seem to benefit from doing this - although this added extra bit of play is always a bonus for me anyway.

It doesn't tell you, and I didn't realise until half way through the game, that there was something else you could look for, for which you did earn extra hints if needed.

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