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Level 103 elven mists 2

[Post New]by tootbug on Mar 1, 12 6:27 PM
Does anyone have ANY helpful hints on how to conquer the stupid little snails and complet this level. I have been on it now for weeks. I know about restarting when the manna is 3/4's full and have done that endlessly. However with no luck. Very frustrated. Fun game but I am starting to lose it! Help?????

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Re:Level 103 elven mists 2

[Post New]by bfgHondo on Mar 3, 12 2:55 PM
Hi tootbug,

Hopefully this tip that I found over in another thread will help:

buttaflycb wrote:I am finished! I did all 105 levels.Just remember keep your colors together work fast and get and use power ups. When i finished 103 it was at the wire I had one elven ,the time was running out but earned a power up at the last moment!!! I have to laugh at working fast though,it took me a week to get thru 103----.Levels 104 and 105 were a breeze tho.It is now Sep 22 I have madei it to 105 .....6 times!

Happy gaming!


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