Help with purchased games on iPad

[Post New]by DSmith70 on Mar 2, 12 8:45 AM
I had bought numerous big fish games for my iPad and recently updated to iOS 5 and I lost all my games. When I go into my purchase history on my iPad I redownloaded fairway solitaire and it's asking me to repurchase the game and all the golf store items I had purchased. Will I have to repay for all my big fish games again? If so bye bye big fish as I won't be buying your games no more. Appreciate any help.

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Re:Help with purchased games on iPad

[Post New]by bfgHondo on Mar 2, 12 10:40 AM
Hi DSmith70,

Welcome to the pond!

As long as you are only "re-purchasing" the same golf store items that are already in your iTunes Purchase History, you will not actually be charged again. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team.

(Also, I'm going to go ahead and move this thread over to our Fairway Forum since your question is specific to this game.)

Hope this helps!



Re:Help with purchased games on iPad

[Post New]by DSmith70 on Mar 2, 12 1:15 PM
Thx bfgHondo. I went ahead and pushed the buy button and it came up that I had already purchased it and would I like to download for free, so goes for the items I bought in the golf store. The only problem was I had to start from scratch. Hoping this works for all the big fish games I bought. Thx again and hope this helps someone out.


Re:Help with purchased games on iPad

[Post New]by keylynnP on Jul 21, 12 2:08 AM
I had fairway solitaire on my iPad and I downloaded it on my iPhone. When I tried using the already purchased button it said I could not download it. So then I read here that it would not charge me if I bought it again. It charged me and I not thrilled. I don't have anything in my store that I already bought.

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Re:Help with purchased games on iPad

[Post New]by lyrialice on Jul 22, 12 12:18 PM
Hi keylynnP

Click on the green envelope and go to the box Games & Installation. Click on the more button and read iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch this will help you with future purchases and downloading to different devices.

Click on the green envelope and click on Contact Us on the left hand side of the page. Go to the form and fill it in and submit to Customer Support replies will be to your email.

If you are a Game Club member you can use Live Chat accessed through the My Account tab. They will do all they can in regards to the double purchase.


Re:Help with purchased games on iPad

[Post New]by Liza_dora on Oct 10, 13 4:41 PM
I am having this issue with "Puppetshow: mystery of joyville". I have already bought the game for iphone. I upgraded the phone so had to re-download. But when I go to the option to purchase now, I only get a popup asking me to buy the game. What can be done about this?

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