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More glitches - people freezing, gold being taken away, only needed 1 soldier

[Post New]by ShazPG on Mar 4, 12 7:18 PM
On my last playthrough, when Victorius asked me to find his 5 missing soldiers, I could not find a single one on my map. The whole volcano area, where they normally appear, had been built in with shrines, and I had VERY little open space. I wondered if they might have been in the still-foggy areas. But I accidentally deleted that game before I could find out.

So on this play through, I made sure the same thing happened. As soon as Victorius asked me to find his 5 soldiers, I also got a request from Venus to build fountains, and from some villagers asking for food and gold. At that moment, one building caught on fire, and half of my population froze. Everyone in the temple area, near the magistrate's hall (which was just off the temple area) and on the lower side of the little stream stopped moving, as well as some on the upper side of the stream.

I put out the fire and everyone jumped up and down cheering, then froze again.

I found one soldier at the very top of the map on the left side, but I only had 26 gold. I waited until 100 gold had been accumulated and clicked on him again, but my gold all disappeared and I was left with the 26 - I could not click on the button to get him, as it said I didn't have enough gold. So I used mana to get 100 gold from the bank, and as soon as I got it, it was taken away from me again.

Eventually something happened that made everyone cheer, and this time they all got back to work. I got my 100 gold again and grabbed the soldier (the first one I could find - I couldn't see any more at this point), then Victorius gave me his reward. I had only seen, and recovered, one soldier, not all 5 of them.

So ... three issues all in one here, and I'm pretty sure they're all glitches and that there's not an explanation as to why any of them were happening.

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