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[Post New]by chiniakbay on Mar 7, 12 6:25 AM
Is there a timer on this one ?

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[Post New]by wndf on Mar 8, 12 8:46 AM
Yes, there is. And it's a Timer already... I consider myself a medium-practised TM-player and find it very hard to beat the timer in this game.

There is the classic: 'get your first goal(s) and you'll pass the level, get the expert goal and you'll get (what exactly?) the rewarding feeling of a screen telling you you passed the level as an expert'-thing.

So: to pass the levels is pretty do-able in the first half of the levels (about 25-30 levels), to get the expert goal is pretty hard right from the sixth level.

In the second half of the levels, it gets even pretty tricky to pass a level. Sometimes you have to play over.

But because of the ok-precision of the pointer, the soothing music, the forest-like background and the cute flowers, you will feel not too much pressure. It really feels like an easy-going game and me, I don't mind to replay the levels.

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