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CONFUSED about storyline

[Post New]by JulieJay on Mar 7, 12 1:26 PM
Having nearly got to the end of the game I then had to start again as my game did not save. I have now finished the game and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the game, the HOs, puzzles etc., I am very confused as to the storyline.

This is the sequel to Asylum Conspiracy. At the end of AC, Viggo (now vincent) and Christine (now Carolina) agreed to join the opera troupe and change their names so that they could get their revenge on the Count. However, at the end of this game, Vincent told a story to the stagehand which included that he had met Carolina whilst performing. Not true! Why did they change the storyline? Confused.

I'm just about to start playing Black Heart and from what I remember of the demo, the names Christine and Viggo were mentioned. Wonder what their story is going to be in this third instalment?


Re:CONFUSED about storyline

[Post New]by Just_1_more_puzl on Jul 23, 12 8:13 PM
Agreed!!!!!!! If you are going to connect the games why not admit they are connected? I was expecting something -- I do not know -- more honest as far as the story went in AC. And OMG how did they age 20 years between games?
And how did the whole opera company become the villian when at the end of AC according to Gpa Charles, Vladd was the only bad guy? This was just a very sad, disappointing storyline. Too many unanswered questions and not enough tie-in to the original game.

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