Finishing the game. Help Please.

[Post New]by JoDPettijohn on Mar 7, 12 7:23 PM
I am stuck in my pc game and the DS version in the same place where I finally get to the mansion at the last part and I am in the dark at the bottom of the stairs and can click on the lights on the poles in four differing sequencial patterns but I am unable to figure how to get the lights to stay on so I can go up the stairs and collect the few remaining gems. HELP; I have put this away for three months because it became so frustrating.

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Re:Finishing the game. Help Please.

[Post New]by Pleiadestar on Mar 29, 14 2:04 PM
Im at the same place. I USED to know how to proceed but its been years since Ive played the game. I vaguely remember that the poles have to be lit in sequence but I dont remember what the sequence is, What happened to the walkthrough that used to be here??

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