Chapter 4-2

[Post New]by darkshadowsabove on Mar 7, 12 9:33 PM
I'm having such trouble completing the goal for this one. Any suggestions on getting that second statue in time? (I'm not even thinking about expert right now.)

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Re:Chapter 4-2

[Post New]by wndf on Mar 10, 12 2:07 AM
I managed to finish the level (indeed, certainly not in expert time):

Start killing the beetles.
Start cutting rocks (start with the level-1 rocks; they give you big points the fastest).
As soon as possible, buy a second shovel and keep cutting rocks and killing beetles.
As soon as possible, buy a third and a fourth bug sprayer.
When you have the level-4 bug sprayer, you can start buying seeds and plant them. I only bought the blue-and-purple-seeds.
I kept on buying and planting them, in the mean time I kept cutting rocks.
Buy a third shovel somewhere in between.
I think I had about 15 flowers in the end.
Harvest your flowers in as big as possible badges of one color.

I managed to buy the first and second statue well in time, but I was left with about 2,000 mana when time was up (the expert statue requires 5,000 or 7,000, I don't remember exactly).

Possibly, the strategy to get the expert statue is very different from the one above. If anyone gets it, please let us know!

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Re:Chapter 4-2

[Post New]by Lisrose on Mar 16, 12 6:41 PM
I finally got expert, I can't remember the exact steps but I cleared the beetles and rocks (thanks for the tip on the level 1 rocks - that made the difference!), got 3 shovels and level 4 bug spray, 3 watering jugs, 4 yellow roses (2 sets/2) and 4 sets of the cheaper yellow flowers to connect things up. I planted the yellow roses in the yellow circles and filled in the space between with the cheap flowers, didn't worry about the other color rings, just made a big yellow patch. I did not buy purple or blue flowers at all - just focused on the yellow, watering the roses when possible to promote blooming.

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