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How to add citizens?

[Post New]by txmimi on Mar 8, 12 8:26 PM
I'm in the early stages of the game and still quite confused as to how things are accomplished. For example, this level says to be sure the general store serves 25 citizens. How do you do this? One store serves 10, so does that mean you have to build 3 stores? I've bought workers, but that doesn't change the number of citizens shown in the box at the top. I've upgraded the houses with people, and that doesn't change the number of citizens either. '

I find the instructions/tutorial very inadequate for the strategy of the game and am very disappointed.

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Re:How to add citizens?

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Mar 13, 12 3:37 AM
Hi txmimi,

I found a tip in the below thread, perhaps it'll help:

Make all your ranches up to the maximum by building 2 level ups and then a level up people one. On the opposite side build a water tower and a second store which (with all the ranches on maximum ) will give you the citizens and 16 extra gold which will get you up to the 75 required faster (or past it as happened with me) and then build a railway station and sell the gold (I actually sold 100).

Level 11 Make sure your general store serves 25 citizens

Also, a great way to find a specific answer without searching through page after page of threads is to use the Advanced Forum Search option under Search All Forums, which you’ll find on the upper-right side of this page.

Just choose a specific game from the drop-down menu and type in some keywords like "level 11" and then all of the posts in that forum containing those words will appear!

I hope this helps, and happy gaming!


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