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Strategy Guide

[Post New]by Hoglvr on Mar 10, 12 11:12 AM
OMG!!! This SG is terrible, I previously posted about it,but now that I am into the game,it's a "royal pain" trying to find stuff in the SG. I know some members do not need the SG because they are good at these games, but I do rely on the SG when I get lost, If you need the SG in your gaming, this game with it's SG is the pits. Does not stay on page and is in the front of game. I hate it. JMHO

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Re:Strategy Guide

[Post New]by puzzledone on Mar 10, 12 8:40 PM
The only reason I ever buy CEs is for the INTEGRATED SG. If there is no button on the game for hopping to SG then that is not integrated into the game any more than extras are IMO. If I have to page through each time to find my place and back and forth to Menu then I may as well wait a month and get the free WT and toggle back to windows. That is why I won't buy this CE, not user friendly except for the more expert players..

I do need the guidance since my game time is broken up in 3 or 4 night sessions. I must be able to review the past few pages to refresh my memory not all the way back to page 1! Even if it only goes back to the last page I opened it, then I know I've played it right up to that page. I need to see where I/ve been. Then if stuck I page through just wanting to see the text with item in bold I missed, don't want to see the pictures unless I have no more hairs to pull. That is what I don't like so much with WTs when I don't want the spoilers. Just tell me where I need to go and I'll find the item myself. But scrolling up or down a WT is sure easier than this SG dud. I'm not even wasting my time with the trial from what I read here and will wait for SE demo.

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Re:Strategy Guide

[Post New]by fishin_gurl on Mar 11, 12 8:21 AM
The hint system on this game makes the SG unnecessary. It works outside of HOS and will take you where you need to go without even waiting for a refill. I too usually need the SG at times, but in this game I never even opened it. The journal shows you key points that have taken place and the hint system takes you where you need to go when you get stuck. This game was awesome!

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