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Crowbar in Hidden Expedition: Amazon

[Post New]by dorts on Jan 26, 09 10:00 AM
I have posted the question on the crowbar a couple times but never got a reply on the problem. Everything I have read on it hasn't helped a bit because I don't have anything to move to put in the slot to move the statue. [/b] HELP HELP OH PLEASE HELP[b] I am about to go out of my mind trying to figure this out.

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Re:Crowbar in Hidden Expedition: Amazon

[Post New]by star4721 on Jan 27, 09 11:38 PM
I too am going "bonkers" trying to get past the statue & there's absolutely nothing in the Inventory to place on the 2 blue cursors..I've attempted playing this game 3 x and always get stuck here. I know that there's a "crowbar" just prior to this step, but after retrieving the Emerald, it's gone...
If anyone has gotten this far and knows the answer please let us know...


Re:Crowbar in Hidden Expedition: Amazon

[Post New]by laurasimonuk on Jan 29, 09 12:40 PM
yeah, i was stuck on this for days. Unfortunately i cant remember exactly, but i think you have to pick the crowbar up in another previous level. I think its when you are in the maze bit with 3 doors. I think its through the 3rd door so you have to come back to it. sorry if this is no help. I found the answer on another forum when i searched google for a walkthrough. Try that x

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