Level 15

[Post New]by Onyanellie on Mar 12, 12 11:54 PM
Need to know how to serve 60 citizens in a saloon, also a walkthrough would be good

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Re:Level 15

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Mar 13, 12 3:31 AM
Hi Onyanellie,

I took a look around and it looks like there are some great tips over in the following thread:

I figured it out ... instead of putting a water tower, you can put a sheriff's office and it will make the entire row able to have houses/ranches instead of just the adjacent few surrounding the water tower. So what I did was: 1.) build a sheriff's office directly below the sheriff in the second row; 2.) build a lumber mill next to the train station; 3.) build ranches (specific for population) in the 3 remaining spots and upgrade them to 3 stars.

Then I put a saloon smack dab in the middle of the spots across the river (so it affects that entire area) and surrounded it with more ranches and houses to fulfill the mission, upgrading them specific for population and 3 stars. I also had to put 1 water tower in the upper left corner on the side across from the river. (If that makes sense!) Got it all done before time ran out. Yahoo! Or I guess in keeping with the theme of this game, yeehaw!

Level 15

Also, a great way to find a specific answer without searching through page after page of threads is to use the Advanced Forum Search option under Search All Forums, which you’ll find on the upper-right side of this page.

Just choose a specific game from the drop-down menu and type in some keywords like "level 15" and then all of the posts in that forum containing those words will appear!

I hope this helps, and happy gaming!


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