Extra chapter missing..?

[Post New]by Mitani on Mar 13, 12 12:55 PM
I recently replayed the game on the same profile I'd previously used... and it asked if i wanted to replay and I selected yes.

Got to the end of the game before the extra chapter and it just ended... no option to continue.
I can't find the button on the Extras menu to play the chapter and just have the music, screensaver, wallpaper, and concept art... but not the chapter one.

I think at this rate I need to make another profile and play the game through again to unlock the awesomeness.

There was a thread on this over a YEAR ago which wasn't replied to by staff http://forums.bigfishgames.com/posts/list/140558.page

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Re:Extra chapter missing..?

[Post New]by joz1950 on Mar 26, 12 1:47 PM
same here


Re:Extra chapter missing..?

[Post New]by Mitani on Mar 28, 12 4:23 PM
yeah no-one on staff seems to be willing to answer this question.


Re:Extra chapter missing..?

[Post New]by Mitani on Jan 21, 14 10:34 AM
Double post - -

Recently completed the game again under the main profile and cannot find the extra chapter option.

Can someone please show screenshots of how to access the extra chapter?

I haven't tried under a different profile yet, but I feel I might have to and reunlock everything. Thanks.


Re:Extra chapter missing..?

[Post New]by jburns46 on Feb 9, 14 1:34 PM
To get the extra chapter you have to play under a different name.

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