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Need help with Level 11 - Leggins

[Post New]by TDogSky on Mar 14, 12 1:32 PM
I've tried this one about 10 times and the best I can get is Silver. Can anyone give me a clue?

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Re:Need help with Level 11 - Leggins

[Post New]by Freka on Oct 9, 12 11:42 AM
This is what I did (copied from another of my posts):

I did it by using my cash to increase the workers to 6 and buying lumber twice. I built 2 lumber mills and 2 stone mills and upgraded them to royal. Two farms to royal for your food. One house, I had to repair before I could upgrade (used that initial cash). Once I had my 6 workers, fixed the house, and had the four mills, I ignored my debt. This town is like the US -- it doesn't worry about the deficit!

Remember, in most cases, you can upgrade without repairing.

When the witches started flying in, I built mage towers (3 or 4) and upgraded. Also built a couple of guard towers.

The wood and stone is rolling in, so I kept upgrading the houses and built 2 bakeries, upgrading them. Once I had enough food and room for everyone, I built an inn for its happiness. You don't need more than 4 royal town homes to house your population and it might be that you need only the original three after you add the other building

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