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Great game, but kinda disappointed

[Post New]by gailfriend429 on Mar 16, 12 6:51 PM
Well mostly my fault. I bought the regular version and liked it so much I bought the CE, which I assumed would have more game play.......but nope! It did have a map and a guide, which was great, but still I was disappointed there weren't more places to visit or something. I had to get a game credit because I couldnt' finish the CE, due to a glitch, but had I known I had already finished the game in the SE I wouldn't have bothered.
Oh well~ all in all it was a fun game, nice change from all the HOGS that get to be a little tiresome if there's too many of them. Feel pretty silly now, but onward and upward!!! Swim on!


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Re:Great game, but kinda disappointed

[Post New]by lisablue4369 on Feb 20, 13 2:52 PM
some games will let you down, but some are very GOOD.

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