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saving my game

[Post New]by helleborus on Mar 17, 12 9:01 AM
help, I must be missing something basic, when I quit my game and return, it hasn't been saved and starts at the beginning each time. Such a shame when it is such a good game

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Re:saving my game

[Post New]by _DD_ on Mar 17, 12 10:09 AM
I just tested it (still demo, so via the GM) and it works OK. Did you leave through the menu of the game? If so and it still doesn't save, I'd recommend to contact CS via the green envelope there =>
Good luck!

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Re:saving my game

[Post New]by bfgHondo on Mar 17, 12 3:39 PM
Hi helleborus,

If you're having troubles saving your progress, you may want to give the steps in this help article a try:

Game Not Saving

If that doesn't work, please contact Tech Support and one of our reps will be happy to take a closer look at this with you.

Also, since we already have a thread in this Game Forum dedicated to technical issues, I'll be locking this one to keep things tidy in here, but please feel free to re-post your issue HERE.

Hope this helps!


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