Going from love to hate soon!

[Post New]by Sthrnbel on Mar 19, 12 6:16 PM
In the coffin...down to the secret room,.wood is lit but not burning enough..I have a shovel...and boom.....I am STUCK! Statue is still there...can't make the lab contraption work...have tried scooping everything including the little dragon dude....help!

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Re:Going from love to hate soon!

[Post New]by Nana6177 on Mar 28, 12 10:54 PM
First, note on top of the chimney there is a "drawer" you can pull out (the dampner) then look around at the floor, there is a bellows. Click on it and take it to the fire, click on the fire and it will flare up. Close the dampner and the fire will smother leaving coals. There is a shovel nearby, scoop up the coals and take it to the "contraption". Good Luck.

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