3rd restaurant level 5

[Post New]by rover123 on Mar 19, 12 6:39 PM
I have played this game over 50 times and I get get past this level. Please help.

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Re:3rd restaurant level 5

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Mar 22, 12 3:46 AM
Hi rover123,

I took a look around and it looks like there are some great tips over in the following thread:

The only way I could pass was just the opposite of chaining. I seated no more than 4 groups at a time and paid close attention to color. I seated the first two parties of 2 girls each then when they were done I seated the next two parties of girls and waited until they were done before seating next group of girls (I think it was three), and so on.

Stuck on Level 3-5

Also, a great way to find a specific answer without searching through page after page of threads is to use the Advanced Forum Search option under Search All Forums, which you’ll find on the upper-right side of this page.

Just choose a specific game from the drop-down menu and type in some keywords like "level 3-5" and then all of the posts in that Forum containing those words will appear!

I hope this helps, and happy gaming!



Re:3rd restaurant level 5

[Post New]by zetagirl47 on Jul 19, 12 7:33 AM
Iam on thte 3rd restaurant level 10 and I seem to be stuck. Now there is angry college boys and the ladies, the lines get long faster

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