Sequel to Best in Show in Development

[Post New]by GradGames on Mar 20, 12 9:01 AM
Hey all you Big Fishers out there-

I recently got back from GDC and met with BFG and am happy to report that I have officially started working on a sequel to Best in Show. Based on everyone's feedback over the past couple months, I can confirm the following additions/improvements:

1. Commentators! - So obvious - sorry we didn't have them in the first one
2. Puppies - we're going to simplify the stats tracking. You'll start with a Puppy that will eventually "evolve" into the full grown dog - unlocking abilities based on experience.
3. Multiple Decks to choose from
4. Event Cards - randomly appear and affect the hand

Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Re:Sequel to Best in Show in Development

[Post New]by DarkBrown on Mar 31, 12 6:52 PM
How about making sure the sequel doesn't have the many, many technical problems the first game did? I was deprived of the opportunity to play what looked to be a very interesting game because of the glitches in it. Not to mention the dozens more I read about on this forum.

Here's another hint, since most of the technical problems seem to stem from the graphics: solitaire doesn't need fancy graphics if they screw up the game. It's the game play that sells the game.

Maybe I'll be able to buy the next one if you can avoid the technical issues.

Here's hoping!

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Re:Sequel to Best in Show in Development

[Post New]by sandhan on Apr 8, 12 1:50 AM
Gradgames, your ideas for a sequel sound very promising. I couldn't play the game when I first tried, but it runs fine on my new computer, with a few exceptions--mostly that the pet shop won't let me buy a collar or whistle. I've just started the game, and plan to persevere for awhile, at least. In the sequel, in addition to fixing the glitches, could you have an upgrade to allow you to see the next card? (Since you're asking!)
Also, the instructions could be a little clearer. For instance, in the petshop, when I click on water or treats, my cash total goes down, but nothing else happens. Is this a glitch, or does my dog automatically get the water or treats? I really appreciate your asking my opinion, it happens so seldom! Thanks, and good luck on your worthy project.

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Re:Sequel to Best in Show in Development

[Post New]by krissywillow on Jun 7, 12 6:36 PM
Please make the numbers on the face of the cards bigger and clearer!!

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