How to do a very good show, not chaotic?

[Post New]by mni104 on Mar 20, 12 4:48 PM
I've followed all tips on the game/dog help for building a show. Funny tricks to start with and to separate big blocks and then animals - artists - animals. Low to high level of tricks, using different music, effects and lights, not sudden changes in music, let it play out in a block so the audience is not confused by the change...
What else??? my shows are very good, magnificent, but more and more people say the show is chaotic, the angry faces keep piling up.
Any other tips to consider? How would you build your show?

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Re:How to do a very good show, not chaotic?

[Post New]by Leeah_ on Apr 9, 12 5:23 PM
I noticed that chaotic means there are too many tricks. Just keep taking tricks out until the chaotic faces disappear. If it's too boring, replace the 1-3 star tricks with 4-5 stars.


Re:How to do a very good show, not chaotic?

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Mar 13, 14 3:14 PM
In the instructions that came in the game it says to do tricks in order or the guests will think it is too chaotic. And they like the performers to do all their tricks in blocks not appear and then come back later, if possible.

Like first a one star trick, then a two star trick etc. As the more picky guests start to come to the circus try to learn harder tricks per performer and replace them with the harder tricks. Remove the one start trick etc. and replace it with a better trick but remember to do them in order. Don't have a five star trick before a three star trick for any performer. But it is o.k. to have the lion or horse etc. go ahead and do the run around the ring tricks last so they can exit the ring after they have completed all their tricks without having to bring them back.

P.S. the music and the lights should reflect what kind of tricks they are. Dramatic, Thrilling etc. Don't mix slow music with the speed of a fast trick. Check the speeds of tricks and pick the right music. Don't have romantic lighting etc. with a thrilling act though I don't think that matters much.

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