yipeeeeeeeeeeee I've dood it

[Post New]by TooTallToma on Mar 22, 12 10:19 AM
I have complete the regular game ... last one is wild !!!

from the start to 9-15...without skip any.. I'm so proud of myself.
thank to all who gave me different view on complete some of the level..

so NOW ....I would like to know is when is the 2nd version come out...
i can't wait oh boy oh boy

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Re:yipeeeeeeeeeeee I've dood it

[Post New]by Sublu78 on Jun 2, 12 2:43 AM


Re:yipeeeeeeeeeeee I've dood it

[Post New]by bouldermad on Oct 14, 14 12:49 AM
Congratulations. Was it "Expert"? If so how did you go through 3:1 level, please?

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