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Todays DD March 23 2012

[Post New]by cleoladycat on Mar 23, 12 12:21 AM
Any comments fishes?

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Re:Todays DD March 23 2012

[Post New]by ibnurdreamz on Mar 23, 12 4:50 AM
I was interested till I read the forums. I don't want to try/buy a game that ruins my day. Come on BF, I cant get a lot of the games to play and have complained. The response is LESS THAN STELLAR! So I will bypass this game because it looks like another BIG PROBLEM!

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Re:Todays DD March 23 2012

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Mar 23, 12 6:02 AM
I bought this game last July (2011), played it on a Vista laptop and enjoyed it so much that I played it almost exclusively until I finished it.

IMO it's a little gem and a real bargain at DD price.

Here's what I posted about it at the time in CCC. (Not as detailed as my usual reviews because it was in a post highlighting several games).

Daisy_May wrote:Sunshine Acres a farming type game but different mechanism for growing plants - you click on them to open up a menu to click on what action you want. If there is one of the tools you need free then you can do the action instantly. There is no waiting for a character to wander their way through a chain of commands. There is no character at all.

This is another one where gold on a couple levels is very hard to get but not impossible. Many of my recommendations are often based on little more than demo time so far, but I have finished this one (with all golds).

By the way, I was missing one trophy and intend to play it again sometime to get that one.

I now play on a Windows 7 desktop and I can confirm that the game came up OK and first level started off OK when I tested it after installing it on this, but I haven't replayed it on this yet.

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Re:Todays DD March 23 2012

[Post New]by purpleporpoise on Mar 23, 12 9:53 AM
Well, sometimes the negative reviews have the opposite effect on me. I like growing games, so as a DD, I think I'll download the trial and give it a try and if I like it, I'll probably buy it. I'm no expert TM'r by any means. I still haven't gotten all the way through Bird's Town! But always up for a challenge (or maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment)!

Since it's just mouse-clicking and there's no character to follow around, maybe I'll have a chance to get through some levels. I see someone left a tip here about how changing the mouse cursor over to the Windows default helps some. So, we'll see!


Re:Todays DD March 23 2012

[Post New]by swiss_star5 on Mar 23, 12 12:55 PM
Just to share a little trick for people having trouble finishing the levels. If you water the sunflower, then spade it, then water it again, you get 2 bags of sunflower seeds instead of just one

That said though it was a bit too much clicking for a laptop with a touch pad, and I had trouble getting all the sunflowers taken care of to have a good harvest and managing to remember to make sunflower oil and getting things sent to market. Guess I'm not a good multitasker

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