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Stuck at back of sheriffs office

[Post New]by fnoske on Mar 24, 12 1:45 PM
I have sulfer, whisky, 1 of 3 pieces of a lock, hat and a stone.
How do I get into the trainstation or past the wagon with c-clamp.

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Re:Stuck at back of sheriffs office

[Post New]by anarchyent on Mar 24, 12 2:07 PM
Previously posted the solution to this on the "Walkthrough for Ghost Encounters: Deadwood in the works!" thread, but will post it here as well:

You'll need the pocketwatch and the clock hands. Zoom in to the wanted poster and pick up the ROCK. Back out and then zoom into the corner of the train station building. On the ground you will see that one of the tiles is cracked. Use the rock to break it free and pickup the SHARP TILE PIECE. Back out and zoom back into the wanted poster. Use the Sharp Tile Piece to tear the poster and reveal the clock hands hidden behind.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for playing,

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