my secret weapon: a calculator!

[Post New]by shellian731 on Mar 25, 12 5:54 AM
Hi, I thought I would share a tip that has made this game less impossible and frustrating. Every "day" I set the prices using: calculator, the price of ingredients and the percentage chance of a spell being needed. This usually makes the customers very happy and they advertise my store by telling their friends. So here's my method:

Say the percentage chance of your head being on fire is 50%. Using my trusty calculator I multiply the cost of ingredients by 1.5 and that's the price I use. The number after the decimal is the percentage chance, see? If it were 85% or some other large number I never go higher than 1.75 because if you get greedy the customers become angry.

If the potion is one of the very expensive ones my strategy changes somewhat. For those I divide the percentage chance in half and use that as the number to the right of the decimal. So if there's an 80% chance of floating above the ground and the cost of ingredients is 110 beans, I multiply 110 by 1.4 rather than 1.8. When the percentage chance of any potion is very low, or the peasants don't have a lot of money to spend, I drastically reduce how much I charge for any potion.

For the most expensive potions I never go above a 25% markup. If the potion ingredents are like 195 beans, and the percent chance is 40%, I'll multiply by 1.14 or something.

My goal is for the customers to leave the shop with the big smiley: they advertise your store for you, and the satisfaction level goes way up. Just using these factors I've decimated the competition, especially in the lower levels.

The drawback is that it takes a lot of "days" to achieve using this fairly boring but reliable method. Don't get impatient.

I also use the flying elephant spell a lot. When funds are short and you can't buy lots of ingredients at the start of the day, you can essentially purchase supplies using the money you're making that day.

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