Move two random people to a family home or they form couples on their own?

[Post New]by mni104 on Mar 25, 12 6:52 PM
I built a family home when was required by the task. What do I do with it?
Do I move the two artists I want to get together or they form couples on their own and ask to move there or just move autonomously too?
Please help
The house's being empty for a while now


Re:Move two random people to a family home or they form couples on their own?

[Post New]by munchkinwidget on May 21, 12 6:38 PM
the family house is just like any other house. If you put two people in it nothing happens. What i use my family home for is to put my wife and kids in when i have them.

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Re:Move two random people to a family home or they form couples on their own?

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Mar 16, 14 4:40 AM
This is for anyone that might play this game and run across this question. There are benefits in marrying the female performers. Notice Buddy tells you to ask a performer out. You can use the manager's actions XP points to ask out a female artist or give them flowers etc. Eventually, you can use these points to ask one to marry you.

Spoilers, marrying Alice lowers the cost of trees and shrubs and helps with the cleaning points of the circus. (More efficient). This is useful when you move on to the next campaign because you may have two children (don't let any other performer live in the family house with the new wife) if you have room for them in the family house. Instant performers! You can train to do acts for low fee. You can pay them $5.00 each and they won't quit, ever. Alice won't quit either since she is your wife (can't be fired) and she will work for nothing for a long, long time if you are broke. You might want to go back and play the first campaign when you finish the others to see what you gain or lose by marrying one of the other female performers.

I picked Alice first because she is the most level headed and doesn't demand money or quality accomodations like some of the others which I figured would bring some trouble along with good benefits to the circus. It might be fun to find out which one brings what benefits to the circus as your wife. P.S.the performers don't prefer the family house (holds 3) anymore than they prefer the five room apartment building. It's up to you how you spend the money. But living in a family house is no better than the five room building.. What the picky performers prefer is the single house..Paulie, (trainer) loves that, and the other guy Pedro (artist) will prefer the single house. But in the end will demand way too much money and will quit if you don't pay it. It will cost you a lot to keep him. Maybe too much since you wind up paying him more than 1.5 But to help your game it is better to marry one of the female artists for lower costs on things that are needed to raise the popularity of your circus.

Spoiler, also the other female trainer may be a better choice to hire in the long run since she brings free ads to the game even if she does make some other people mad, it doesn't happen that often if you keep her busy training. Since she can train animals faster.

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