Hexus - not sure what level I got to - I had over 1K gold

[Post New]by Mclizwood2010 on Mar 27, 12 2:27 AM
I am stuck after I get rid of all that is requested I am left with 16 black and 16 white and I cannot any further - I can get rid of 11.
I would be grateful for any advice as I love this game but want to go further
Thanks in advance

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Re:Hexus - not sure what level I got to - I had over 1K gold

[Post New]by firestone1960 on Mar 27, 12 4:33 AM
Sorry, I don't understand - if you have gotten far enough to have gold accumulated then you know how to manipulate the balls to eliminate them...so, why can you get rid of 11 and not all 16? What is the goal for that level - is it 16 at once or just 16 all together? You probably need to go back and replay that level keeping in mind that sometimes it must be the number at once - maybe that is the problem.

I am actually on level 67 or 68, I think, and don't remember which particular level you are asking about - I do have several thousand in gold, but, maybe you are further along than I...anyway....

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