Feeding the bird for golden apple

[Post New]by PoohHugs2 on Mar 29, 12 12:27 PM
I have the worm but can't figure out how to get it to the bird. I've tried moving it to the bird and all around on the ground, but nothing. I could not find another post with this info.

Also, how do I get the well bucket to come up for that golden apple?


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Re:Feeding the bird for golden apple

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Mar 31, 12 12:17 PM
Hi PoohHugs2,

I had a look in the Forums and was able to find the following advice in the thread:

How does the bird get the worm?

I am not sure as my mind just formed a complete blank on what I did but I think I just picked up the worm out of inventory and clicked on the bird. I think he then flies off with it. I don't remember putting it down anywhere. I could be totally wrong but it is worth a shot

What a lazy bird!

Happy Gaming


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Re:Feeding the bird for golden apple

[Post New]by tweetis53 on Oct 1, 12 8:27 AM
worm is ground where apple tree is,feed worm to bird on nest n key falls on ground

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