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Suggestions to Developer

[Post New]by Celeryhart on Jan 28, 09 7:18 AM
I have just finished this game for the second time and over all it is a pretty good game. I had no trouble finding things....it was about the right level of difficulty for me... AND... ..there was no timer.. ( yippee ) no penalties for extra clicking around... ( yipeee ) and the hints were fine.... and WOW.. it let me skip the puzzles that confused me.. !! Thank you for that.

My one beef about it is having to click, click, click to get thru the conversations and also from one chapter to another.. whew.. there are so many pictures to have to click thru.... I realize you have to tell the story ... but is there a way you can condense some of it..? It can get extremely annoying..and I see this story is going to continue and hopefully the next one will have "less clicks" to go thru.

Also the credits at the end take a long time to go thru before I can exit the game.. Instead of having them all in a single roll.. maybe you could put 2 credits side by side to cut the time in half....there is certainaly room to do that... . or put a skip altogether on that..although I realize you deserve the "drum roll" of credits...

Looking forward to the next game.. and keep up the good work.. !


Re:Suggestions to Developer

[Post New]by kitteekatt on Jan 28, 09 6:42 PM
hi there, definatly agree with the last post, the credits were way too long, ended up doing control alt delete!!!

wicked game, i loved this 1
claps hands for developer

just got one dissapointment, at the end of the game it came to an abrupt halt and the end of the adventure was told by writing, i just thought for a really brilliant game there would have been a lot better ending than this one, it just looked like u'd had enough and couldnt think of anything appropriate !

apart from that this is a really really good game and am lookin forward to the next instalment x


Re:Suggestions to Developer

[Post New]by LadyOdette on Feb 1, 09 5:08 PM
I agree with the last two posts.....would like to see it last just a bit longer and less story line (maybe make it a journal thing that we can read when we need too)

great anticipation, had a great time playing this with my son

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Re:Suggestions to Developer

[Post New]by forensicMD on Feb 19, 09 3:50 PM
I feel fortunate to have no problems with running this game. I have been playing the free download and am at the subway station attempting to lower the barrier. I don't know exactly how long I have been playing, but I have not used up my hour yet. I imagine I don't have more than five minutes of the hour left though. I don't want to buy the game if I am close to the end.

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Re:Suggestions to Developer

[Post New]by char1132 on Feb 19, 09 4:36 PM
loved this game FOR ALL ABOVE MENTIONED REASONS much better than the TREASURE HOUSE I say that because I have been stuck at the BLEEEEP museum for a hundred years or so And beings I cant skip it AND because my hands just dont work that fast I cant get those LITTLE BOOGERS lights I guess i wll be here another hundred years unless i can find somebody to do the dirty work for me And Yes LizzieK i tried doing what you suggested Still NOT FAST ENOUGH THANKS ANYWAY

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