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Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Mar 30, 12 12:50 AM
Hi Fishies!

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Mar 30, 12 12:51 AM
Hi fishies,

Just to add to the OP: This thread has been reserved for reviews only. If you have any comments or questions about someone else’s review (even if you feel that their review contains incorrect details about this game) please contact that user directly via PM instead of replying to or quoting their post.

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by Valdy on Mar 30, 12 1:03 AM
Well, I was a bit surprised to see that I managed to finish the trial version in 45 minutes - never happened to me before.

But my first impressions are as thus: oh oh oh oh ohhh... I'm loving it.

OK, here is my review for the trial version, which I played in Easy mode:

There are 2 gameplay modes.

There is a choice of custom and system cursor.

We are having stretch screen, meaning the whole of my widescreen monitor filled.

There is no voice-over.

There is a JOURNAL.

There is a MAP. The map shows you where you are and where you need to do things. You can't use the map to jump.

The iHOS (interactive hidden object scenes) have great graphics, and objects are easy enough to find.

The HINT button (which works also outside of the HOS) takes about 70-75 seconds to refill in Easy mode.

Puzzles can be skipped. Don't know how long the SKIP button takes, because I only did 1 puzzle in the trial version, which I managed quite easily. But from the look of it, the SKIP button also takes quite a while to fill even in Easy mode.

Graphics are of ERS standards, IMO. Always a plus.

--- --- ---

I enjoyed this game right from the beginning. Liked the gameplay, graphics, and the fact that there is a map, even though I can't use it to jump.
This is a definite buy for me.

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by cbtx on Mar 30, 12 2:00 AM
From Game Mill Entertainment / Gunnar games comes another entry in this collection of Hidden Mysteries.
This time a young handmaiden's life is in peril as she has been falsely accused of heinous crimes against the throne, and she is trapped with several ghosts in prison---presumably around the time of Queen Elizabeth I. Your job is to figure the many things to be done to correct this terrible situation.
And what a fine job the devs have done with this one. The game opens in widescreen (stretch) and fills the monitor. (Add one more developer that has caught on to the requests of players----only a glaring few left.) The graphics are beautiful with an excellent mix of colors even in a gloomy atmosphere.
There is a map which is helpful, but not transportable.
There is a journal.
The story is great----very absorbing. (There are a couple of lads featured which rings a bell concerning my English history, but I can't remember who they are----hopefully, the story might expand on that, but no matter, I'm digressing.)
Overall, a great game and a fine addition to my collection----it's a definite buy for me!

ETA - angelfish106 clarifies the identity of the two boys in the review below. Thanks angelfish106 (adds to the creepiness of the story! )

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by angelfish106 on Mar 30, 12 2:25 AM
The demo/sample is extremely short; only played for 25 minutes when the 'thanks for playing' message appeared. Perhaps I explored a scene out of sequence; going through the left hand door rather than the right hand one may have extended the time a little more. But what I played was excellent!

Fills my widescreen monitor, which seems to be offered more lately (thanks devs!), choice of casual or expert (HOS still sparkle but nothing else), a map and journal, really nice graphics and I encountered one puzzle which worked by luck rather than logic

The map shows tasks to be completed; shame you can't use it to jump between scenes but not a deal-breaker for me. HOS have some interactivity and are not overly difficult. Plenty of inventory items to find but not the 'I need a shovel, oh look here's a HOS and there's the shovel' type so prevalent in these games lately.

Looks like a longish game from the map locations and an historically interesting storyline; far better than most of the CE's lately and a definite buy for me

ETA: The boys are Edward and Richard, the only sons of Edward IV. Declared illegitimate, they disappeared mysteriously and years later, two skeletons of children were discovered in the White Tower. It was presumed they were 'The Princes In The Tower'.

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by luvtoread on Mar 30, 12 2:43 AM
Very quickly, as I have to go to work

I played on Expert Mode for 15 min. Loved the game, but
to forewarn anyone who uses Hint button, it was not filled when
I was on second H. O. scene (could not find bug)

I had not used it before then.

everyone's review is spot on. This is definitely on my "to buy"

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by Rebeca_Lily on Mar 30, 12 2:49 AM
When Valdy said "oh-oohhh-ooohhh", and "graphics ERS style" (reviews) - it was a "closed case" for me... Just tested the run on the tech side, and rushed to buy...

Intriguing plot - I think the game developers should hire a "game-scripter" like the "movie-scripter", because it seems that the PLOT is very important issue in the games we like and dislike. Fact, that the games which hold our interest are the ones which have a well-made-plot!

Graphics - close to the "wow" level; it's quite difficult to reach it, especially when your surroundings demand "dark atmosphere".

Map - pity that it's isn't transporting, but I can compromise with the task signs.

Hints recharge slowly, so you have to manage how to use them on the restricted side - I am quite spoiled here.

Thanks developers, thanks BF!

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by bratzgram on Mar 30, 12 5:13 AM
This looks like a great deal for an SE! Here is a brief summary of what I found.

I played the trial on easy mode but you are offered one harder mode. There is a journal and a map. The map lets you know where you are and wwhere there are tasks to be done.

The graphics and music are well done but I got a bit annoyed with the sound itt makes when you find something. Partially because it takes longer than usual to go into your inventory so the sound is extended

The HOS are easier than some and have some simple interaction. The mini games I encountered did take some brain power. I did find some of the instructions for them a bit hard to understand.

There are no voice overs but not an unreasonable amount of reading.
AND Yay! The is a WALK THROUGH!!!!! When I checked there for an idea on length it looks okay. I'm sold

I know that the demo is just a sample but I was only allowed 28 min to make up my mind on this one I am buying it because I need one more punch on my card before the month ends and it looks worth it

out of five.

Edited due to change of heart This started out pretty good but became very frustrating. It isn't overly long and for once I was happy about that. I don't ever quit in the middle of a game and I did finish this one but I was hoping for the end to come faster.
The map was all but useless and you spend a LOT of time running back and forth and trying to find the area you need. You have to use items in the inventory to do tasks that you wouldn't normally use.
I guess that's why they only gave that short little demo If they let it go any longer you would realise it's not what you thought.

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by qpr1 on Mar 30, 12 7:32 AM
well that was the shortest demo ever!!! it took me 20 mins!
excellent graphics, easy h.o.s and i think there was 2 puzzles and they were easy, music was unobtrusive. grade "A" game and a definite buy

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by jcsgame on Mar 30, 12 7:39 AM
Not my kind of game. Too many skeletons, bones, and I don't care for bloody scenes.

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by ladygem6 on Mar 30, 12 7:44 AM
I think this is a very good game. I, too, have all of the Hidden Mysteries series and will difinitely buy this one. The graphics are great and I do like the story line and especially the lead character. With a voice over, it would have been excellant but I can do without that. At least, a map shows me where I am and how much further I have to go.

Since I am a slow player, I believe the game will last me more than three hours. And I don't mind the kind of irrating sound you get when picking up a hidden object. Maybe because I am a little hard of hearing to begin with and unless the HOG scenes are really easy, it takes me a while to find them all.

To finish a punch card, I will get this game as I think it is well worth the money. A really good SE in my opinion.

Happy Friday all!

OKC gem


Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by daisyduck352 on Mar 30, 12 8:30 AM
Enjoying this game and it's an SE. The graphics are great and music creepy. A good game to enjoy the weekend if you aren't into the Final Four..

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by theoldbag on Mar 30, 12 9:15 AM
Count me in. Great reviews, not the usual plot, colorful and bright. Downloading now. A happy fishie am I.

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by Sheerija on Mar 30, 12 9:15 AM
Brilliant game! Great care has been taken with this game and it has paid off in spades. Excellent graphics, HOS, music and puzzles. I just loved the story too. A good length at 4 hrs.

These devs have got what it takes to get my money. Any time they can produce a game this good, I'm there.

Well done, guys.

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by laraly on Mar 30, 12 10:35 AM
I love the hidden mysteries series, I think I have played almost all this far, and this one is the icing on a cake, very good game, great graphics, though a bit dark, but in synthony with the age-period of time! Very intriguing plot, and the good feeling to see an innocent person set free, and help other persecuted souls find peace, (I am not affected by the syindrome of the little red cross nurse) ohh no, it's just right!
Back to the artistry of the game, I think it's worth the play, some scenes are a bit strong, but again, that's how it was in that period of time, however justice shall prevail;
got the game!!

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by angelfishp on Mar 30, 12 11:35 AM
This is a nice SE game. I have other games in the Hidden Mysteries series and I think they get better and better. The graphics are very clear and excellent, the HOS are crowded, but not as bad as other games. I was so happy to get a map and even happier when I found it would tell me where I am and where there are things that need to be done. The story seems like it will hold my interest. The music is OK, better than most. I can't stand the sound effects when you find an object, but that is just me. I need two more punches on my third card and this will be one of them. Thanks developers and BFG!!

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by Alikamou on Mar 30, 12 1:00 PM
LOL took about 15 minutes to decide to buy. Couldn't stop with a demo. Enjoyed the HO cause not so cluttered and items were recognizable along with description of item to locate. Story was uttterly intriguing, music lent ambience and atmosphere. Hint button refilled fast enough if needed, puzzle explanations were clear and *skip* button didn't take so long (on easy). And...YEAH for a walkthrough when I got utterly stumped! Thanks for this one!


Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by woodspinner on Mar 30, 12 1:02 PM
Must have played a different game. The only plot I ran across was in the first 30 seconds during the intro. Lot of running around grabbing objects to use somewhere else. HOS were not very well drawn. Mini games were the easiest of any game I can think of. I finished the demo in 20 minutes using the hint button once, which takes a long time to reload. The end of the demo is 17.5% of the game according to the walkthrough. That translates to less than a two hour game, so short as well. Maybe worth a DD, but not at SE prices.

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by sunnyglow on Mar 30, 12 1:59 PM
I don't see why some don't like this game. There is good mix of HOG scenes and puzzles. Good storyline to me. Okay, not as good as the two SE's from last week, but good for a SE and certainly better than what we have had in the past. BF is stepping up to the plate with better games.

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Re:Reviews for Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets

[Post New]by marg6043 on Mar 30, 12 5:13 PM
Short demo, but very nice game, clear graphics, hidden object scenes a bit cluttered but easy to find objects with some interaction.

The story is good, the music a bit repetitive.

Plenty of puzzles, for a SE is just right.

I like the game and is a buy for me.

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