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No infusions recipes?

[Post New]by tuskel on Apr 2, 12 5:21 AM
I'm on my second big quest - get 9 infusions recipes and take over 2 shops. I got my 2nd shop ages ago, but no-one is offering me another infusions recipe, and all the quests that come up are about coffee.

Do I have to start again, or just earn a certain amount of money to start getting them? I have travelled several times across the 9? ports I have open, and tried to talk to everyone, nothing. Maybe I have missed something, but...

any ideas?


Edit: found it. I had to talk to the guy in the port in Tangiers, so that he would offer me a quest for cinnamon (and get me the cinnamon coffee recipe), then the lady in Tokyo, what looks like Eiffel Tower, offered me 2 recipes for cinnamom coffee and raspberry bars.

By the way. Hobbit Hollow forums have great walkthroughs with all the recipes, quests and ingredients.

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