game's the same?

[Post New]by MarilynKelley on Apr 4, 12 12:20 AM
This game looks exactly like Enchanted Islands same music same bosses and same little spiders in the match 3 format....the only thing different are some of the flowers????

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Re:game's the same?

[Post New]by bfgRhone on Apr 4, 12 12:26 AM
Hi MarilynKelley,

I'm not totally sure whether this is a similar game to Enchanted Islands, but that seems like valuable feedback to the rest of the Fishies testing out this game.

If you like, you can submit a review on this game over in the dedicated thread here.

You could also go ahead and create a Comments thread for this game if there isn't one already, to further discuss any similarities or other aspects of this game.

I'm now going ahead and lock this thread in order to reserve the game Forum for hints and tips.

Thank you!


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