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[Post New]by MEnr56 on Apr 4, 12 2:37 PM
Hi fellow fishies

I have to say that I am really confused because I am not understanding what's going on in one of the levels (can't even figure out what level I am on -- I THINK it's Level 30 with THE BOSS) and I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y cleared all the things but the level did not end.

Am I also supposed to get rid of the huge airship as well?

If so, with what? I hit it several times with machine gun fire and with a couple of large blasts but I ended up with only clearing the board leaving my airship, my ping-pong ball, and the huge enemy airship.

The 2 blasts didn't take the airship down nor did the machine gun fire so I am at a total loss as to what I am supposed to do; I had NO MORE icons to clear from the board to gain more fire power.


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[Post New]by Liz_Lemon on Aug 3, 12 6:59 PM
When you don't effectively take advantage of your power ups, you have to endlessly bounce your ball at the big ship/ships until you gradually wind them down to zero, (you can tell how much life is left by the red progress bar top center of screen). The power ups are always in the same locations, so if you are playing multiple time, just note where the power ups where and use them very effectively.
Clear most of the center units first with your ball and then hit one of the end power ups. that way you are not wasting your machine gun or laser blasting through obstacles and can save them for the boss and his sidekick.
Good luck. I'm stuck on level 31 now. LOL

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