all tiki and jewels help needed or send save game.

[Post New]by nikkipooh70 on Apr 5, 12 7:58 AM
I just happen to buy this game a month ago and I was wondering if you have a save game you could give me or tell me where to find things. I have one more jewel and I looked everywhere all over the island can't find the last one and I need 5 more tiki and I looked all over island and cant find it either. Does this mean i have to do all the minigames in order to get all this cause if it true then i'm quitting the game cause no way i'm gonna waste my time playing some minigame over and over and over just to beat the game most of the game are boring and dont like these type of minigames.

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Re:all tiki and jewels help needed or send save game.

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Apr 8, 12 4:47 PM
HI nikkipooh70,

I has a quick look at the Escape From Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest Walkthrough and I was able to find the following information!

In order to obtain some of the Jewels and Tikis you must complete all levels of the mini-games.

I also found this handy map that shows the location of all of the jewels, they are denoted with the letter J in the following screenshot:


Hope this helps and Happy Gaming!


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