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Coin Purse Disappeared from Inventory

[Post New]by Jurinne on Apr 11, 12 4:15 PM
I have just fixed the toilet. Whee - that was fun!. But I can't make a phone call because the coin purse that used to be in my Inventory is now missing. I know it was there because I used a coin to get the doll for Charlotte.

And now it's gone. I've checked the Walkthrough and haven't seen anything about the coin purse being stolen (although I wouldn't doubt that some of those game characters would steal it). I may have missed it if there's a part of the game where it disappears or is stolen.

I am completely stuck. Please help!

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Re:Coin Purse Disappeared from Inventory

[Post New]by nabsuc on Apr 12, 12 5:12 AM
The coin purse automatically disappears from your inventory because there is no more use for it now you have fixed the toilet, the only reason you were to phone Lamont was for instructions to unblock the toilet.

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