TGY:WOW game files

[Post New]by Conbaby on Apr 12, 12 4:15 PM
This probably should be in the tech section, but I was hoping someone who actually plays would have a similar experience. I have a new computer and want to continue my progress from my old computer. I contacted BFG and they gave me instructions, with the warning that it might not work. Which It didn't. I'm hoping that maybe some fishie out there has the answer of where to find the save game files? This was previous played on Vista.

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Re:TGY:WOW game files

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Apr 12, 12 5:03 PM
Hi Conbaby,

Save files for games can be located in different places, depending on the game. Generally, files like that are hard to copy over to a new computer, but please feel free to contact our Tech Support team and they'll be happy to provide some additional information about that.

Because this is a technical discussion, I'll be locking this thread; Feel free to continue talking about any technical issues in the Post any The Golden Years: Way Out West technical issues here only thread. Thanks!

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