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Glowing Crystals

[Post New]by va83 on Apr 14, 12 8:15 PM
I have looked over the walkthrough several times and still cannot locate how to find all the glowing crystals. I have the pickaxe to collect them, but I would really loike to know the location of all three/four. Please help me glow!

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Re:Glowing Crystals

[Post New]by Ritzschke on May 8, 12 11:58 AM
the walk through shows
1. in grotto above glowing (purple) bridge across water trough above the square in the rock
2. by the water wheel in the left vines
3. by the water way to the left of the frame in the vines.

Except I have looked in all 3 places and can only find 2 ;-/


Re:Glowing Crystals

[Post New]by greeniflower on Jan 31, 13 1:48 PM
The room showing the first crystal is no longer there. It now has the prisoner, but no crystal. Don;t know what to do now/

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