[Post New]by TopazMystique on Apr 15, 12 11:46 PM
Like some others, I got the dreaded "access violation" error numerous times. I played on Win7 and ended up updating everything suggested by BFG except for reinstalling the game. I can't say that anything really fixed it because I was still gettting the error after everything was installed and then rebooted. I had to play in full screen because of resolution and it seemed that if my cursor ran to the edge of the screen, the cursor turned into a system cursor and then the error occurred. Also running IE at the same time seemed to cause the error more often than not.

But even with the numerous access violations, I loved this game! Game mechanics were new and fresh (at least for me), music and sound effects precisely fit the game and graphics were fantastic! Story is sufficiently creepy but being given the option to feed or not feed toward then end was especially appreciated. I am hoping for either a sequel to this game or another Tech Front game in the future! EXCELLENT!

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