The Safe In Captain Nemo's Quarters

[Post New]by Andreo1950 on Jan 29, 09 1:30 PM
Has anyone else experienced this problem? I've solved the safe puzzle, and as the handle to the safe starts to move, the game freezes up and I have to reboot my computer. My processor is fast enough and has handled all other graphic scenes in game, but this certain sequence freezes up. Will try a few things, but was hoping someone else may have had the same problem and found a cause for it. Thanks...have been enjoying the game!

I'm just adding to this post: If anyone solves the safe puzzle, could you save the game as soon as the safe opens, and then you could send me the saved file as an email attachment. The saved game can be found at Program Files\Return to Mysterious Island\Users\Profile1...the saved game will appear with name similar to, (or whatever number that saved game is at the time solved the safe puzzle and then saved it). Not sure if this request will find someone willing to help, but what the heck, I'm almost at the end of the game, but unable to get past the freezing up of game right after I solve the safe puzzle, so need some I know how Mina feels being stranded on an island! :-)

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