game sucks

[Post New]by adventurist on Apr 18, 12 8:29 PM
compared to many other big fish games I've played this game is not friendly you have to really be specific with the mouse curser It sucks how specific you have to be and the HOS suck as well, compared to other games I have played this game is really crappy. So there it is thats my opinion

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Re:game sucks

[Post New]by bfgRhone on May 22, 12 5:41 AM
Hi adventurist,

I'm sorry to hear this game didn't turn out as expected. We appreciate your feedback .

As there already is a Review thread in this Game Forum, I'll be locking this thread.

If you'd like to share a review on this game, you can do so by popping over to this thread here.

Thank you!


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