Level 29 - Solution

[Post New]by scrubby13 on Apr 20, 12 12:58 PM
ok, i have managed to complete this level with 3 stars. 1st I built a palace, then i built the quarry and lumber mill, i built them out of the way by the wall, then on the 1st sea plot I built a wharf to get bulk materials, then I continued to build palaces on every plot but i did not upgrade any of them. the only plots that i did not build on were at the back on the plot between the 2 palaces and on the 4 plots close together i left the one back left and front right as you look at the screen then on these 3 plots i built senets. I also went back and forth and added workers-i ended up with about 20. i did not upgrade any of my buildings until i had built all of the palaces and then i activated the Ankh amulet (its the last one) and this automatically upgraded evey property to level 3

Hope this helps

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Re:Level 29 - Solution

[Post New]by nospoj1 on Nov 2, 12 7:19 AM
Thank You!


Re:Level 29 - Solution

[Post New]by wrinklyoldplayer on Jun 4, 14 5:37 AM
I have a serious problem then. 1 I cannot build wharf next to water. will let me build inland but not at water edge. Then I have compete everything including getting 4 houses with minimum 20 happiness but no where to build sphinx.

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