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Developers Can Be Such Dummies

[Post New]by Peace1369 on Apr 21, 12 5:13 PM
Ok I beat the game on casual and wanted to now play the expert mode butttttttttttt guess what I can find no way to change to the expert mode you click on play it brings up the caves you have already beat. You put in a new name it says NOOOOOOO you should first play casual. Get real... would be nice to not have to go nuts to figure out how to play with your current name. I have to say they have failed completely at naming your player with this game. You delete your normal name so you can restart with that name but NOOOOOOO it starts you where you were before it deleted it. Loved the game but am really fed up with having to come up with names. I guess my next try for game name is gonna have to be up yours.

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Re:Developers Can Be Such Dummies

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Apr 22, 12 9:35 AM
Hi Peace

It does let you go to expert with new profile. It may ask something like 'Are you sure? - We recommend starting with casual' (and maybe asks twice (?)) but if you say yes expert each time, it lets you play expert.

I did it with my very first profile but then decided I could get more out of the game by getting all stars in casual first and saving expert for later (as you have done).

I'm still trying to get all stars in casual mode because whenever I miss one I restart the game.

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