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[Post New]by auds7466 on Apr 22, 12 9:59 AM
where is the last piece of the picture i want to get the carrot for the rabbit. any help would be greatly appreciated as i have spent the afternoon looking at the walkthru and i still can't find it.tks in adv

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[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Apr 22, 12 12:17 PM
Hi auds7466,

I haven't played the Redrum games myself, but I did some investigating for you and, since you mention the carrot and the rabbit, it sounds like you're actually playing the second game - Redrum: TimeLies.

I checked the walkthrough we have for that game, and it looks like this is where you can find the 5 pieces of the painting:

1. The first one you find by solving the hidden object scene that in the postcard on the hospital bed in Room 4 - Children's Book Writer Paul Green.

2. You'll get another by solving the hidden object scene in the card with the televisions.

3. The next one is in Dr. Fraud's office near the bookshelf.

4. On Door 2 in Atrium West, you'll see another piece under the claw.

5. The last piece is in the room through Door 2, again on the bookshelf.

Here's a link to the full walkthrough for Redrum: Time Lies, just in case. I found where all those pieces were by hitting Control+f and searching for "Piece of Painting" on that page.

Redrum: Time Lies Walkthrough

Since it looks like you're playing the sequel to Redrum, I'm also going to go ahead and move your question into the forum for Redrum: Time Lies. That way more Fishies who have played the game will see it and can add their hints too!

I hope this helps!


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